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The Leading Brand in Home Grilles
Jenama Gril-gril Besi Rumah
唯一提供网上报价与订购, 选择超过766种铁门窗花产品。
The only one to offer online quotes and ordering, more
than 766 kinds of iron grilles products for selection.
Hanyalah terdapat satu-satunya yang Sebutharga Online dan Perintah,
lebih daripada 766 jenis produk gril-gril besi untuk pilihan.

Customer Policy

Our company has established a number of policies that must be followed by the customer, which:

There are two ways of purchase that can be made:

A. Through Salesman

1. Purchase by the salesman will get a discount of 5%.

2. Salesman would come to the customer’s house to talk about quotation. (Free).

3. Transactions will only occur if part payment of 50% is paid, Completed Balance 50% full payment

B. Through Our Website (

1. Purchase via the website will get a discount of 15%.

2. The measuring process is done by your own. (length, width, height)

3. Transactions will only occur if total amount of payments is paid.

4. If payment already been paid the salesperson will measure it again, and if there are problems in 

the measurement process, additional charges will be charged to the customer.

5. If customers cancel orders, can be retained for up to 365 days, or the total amount will be deducted 

5% or RM300 (whichever is higher).

Good faith reminder :

Due to economic recession, consumers should concern the following matters:

1. Instead of make payment with Cash, please make payment via Cheque, Credit Card or Bank Giro 

Transfer to our company account.

2. If payment made cash, please inform us for checking sales representatives' identity to avoid defraud.

3. Visit our factory or showroom. Do not easily trust sales representatives’ verbal guarantee.

4. Compare with other factories to assure good quality products, reasonable price and after sales service.

5. Make sure price quotation service is free of charge.

6. To protect consumer authority, please report to police or make complaint to Consumer Affair 

Department if found one does not keep his/her promise in agreement.

Thank you for choosing LiangYee Metal Works Sdn. Bhd to serve you, Our company's Sales 

Executive will provide you free relevant information. Our product is ensure genuine. During

transaction, please adhere to get a receipt for proof of purchase. If there is any dissatisfaction on our 

company services, please call 010-7666 413, 016-2012 029 Mr Lee, to make a complaint. Your benefit 

will surely be our main concern. Thank you.

Dear customer, if payment make by cash, please inform us by SMS or Call 016-2168 675 or 016-2012 029 Mr Lee immediately.

Otherwise, we are not responsible on any lost of payment. Thank you

for your cooperation.

For further information, please visit

Or email to: / 

Factory: Lot 5, Jln P10/14, Seksyen 10 , Kawasan Perindustrian Bangi , 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, 

Selangor. Tel: 03-8927 3666 Fax: 03-8927 3636




A. 通过销售人员

1. 选购通过销售员将获得5%的折扣。

2. 销售人员将抵达客户的房子,免费估價及提供相關的資訊.。

3. 交易时客户必须支付50%部分付款, 工程完成结余50% 全额支付。

B. 通过我们的网站 (

1. 通过网站选购,将获得15%的折扣。

2. 测量过程由您自己完成。(长度,宽度,高度)。

3. 交易时必须支付总额付款。

4. 如果付款已经支付,营业员会再次测量,在测量过程尺寸差異有问题,并会向顾客收取额外费用。

5. 如客户取消订单,可以保留长达365天或者总金额将被扣除5%或300令吉(以较高者为准)。

诚意提醒 :

经济不景,消费人应该注意以下几点 :

1. 避免付现金,应以支票或信用卡,或银行直接转账至公司户口。

2. 如付现金前,请联络公司,确认促销员身份,以免受骗。

3. 了解公司,应抽出时间参观工厂,展销室,别轻易相信促销员口头保证。

4. 应该货比三家,了解用料,确保品质高,价格公道,售后服务。

5. 估价之前,请问估价是不是免费,应该是免费的。

6. 如遇到不守信用,应即刻报警,和到消费人事务部投诉,以保障消费人的利益。


關的資訊和服务,保證貨真价实。交易時, 請堅持打印收據留證, 如有疑問和對敝公司服務有任何不

滿,請撥電 010-7666 413016-2012 029 李先生作出投訴, 敝公司絕對會為阁下的利益為重,謝謝。

尊敬的客戶,如支付現金,請立即發短信或撥電 016-2168 675 或 016-2012 029 李先生通知,否則敝公司

將不會對任何遺失款項負責. 謝謝阁下的合作。

欲了解更多信息, 请登录 

或电邮至: /

工廠: Lot 5, Jln P10/14, Seksyen 10, Kawasan Perindustrian Miel, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi,

Selangor. Tel: 03-8927 3666 Fax: 03-8927 3636